Mighty Hero Homes

Raise $100M in 100 days as part of a Phase 1 Campaign to Permanently House up to 6,720 Homeless Veterans.

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Thank you for exploring the role and responsibilities of a Mighty Hero Homes Ambassador for our upcoming and unprecedented national campaign: Operation Because They Deserve Better

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To learn more about the “Operation Because They Deserve Better” campaign, read our Frequently Asked Questions. To review renderings of the Bases on which the veterans will live and the specially designed and engineered Mighty Hero Homes the veterans can ultimately own, please read Our Story, Our Promise. You can also learn more about the veteran homeless crisis by visiting other sections of our website.

Lastly, and most importantly, your gift for participation is immediately redeemable! Your gift will be in knowing that you played a crucial role in changing a veteran’s life and helping to positively transform a city, where Mighty Hero Home Bases are built, for generations to come.  Now that’s worth having, keeping, and protecting!


Thank you, Mighty Hero Homes Ambassador!