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Because They Deserve Better®

Meaningful change will require we flip the script and change our attitude about what can and should be done. Change comes by following a process, but it must be a good process to effect beneficial transformation.  While temporary or transitional housing may still play a role in initial rehabilitation, at Mighty Hero Homes we believe lasting change will come by creating a new paradigm of veteran dedicated affordable homes, in community focused environments, from which they never have to move.

The Purpose

Our primary purpose and mission is to provide affordable, permanent homes for ALL United States veterans. In the initial stages of concept development, success was defined as providing all homeless veterans a safe place to live independently where they can age in-place. Through years of research, interviews, consultation, and identification of our true passion, we have concluded that putting a veteran in a home is just the start. The ultimate benefit of relentlessly pursuing development of over 37,000 Mighty Hero Homes will be to unleash the incredible talent, the experiential knowledge, and the value our veterans possess into the communities where Bases are built. We are convinced that countless lives will be touched, and generational change will occur through the interactions of Base residents and the local citizens where Bases are built.

Mighty Hero Homes exist to provide affordable, permanent housing for homeless veterans and vital wrap around services required to renew hope, find purpose and restore faith in community.

Partners & Sponsors

The challenge is too great and the stakes too high to tackle this monumental task alone. Our Partners and Sponsors are the reason we can do all that we do. Please recognize their contributions as a change agent by supporting their products and services.


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