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Because They Deserve Better

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Mighty Hero Homes

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Mighty Hero Homes


"Drew Walston is a man on a mission" __ to eradicate veteran homelessness in the United States. But is such a worthy cause even possible? The short answer: yes! Take a listen to this episode as Drew not only talks about his goal to help give veterans a home, but also to help instill hope, purpose and community for the brave men and women who have put their lives on the line for our country.

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No Veteran should have to call this home!

Mighty Hero Homes

A Message from our Founder and CEO

A primary role for me at Mighty Hero Homes is that of our "Chief Storyteller". I have told of their plight and of our calling thousands of times because too often, our homeless Heroes don't have a platform or a voice. But sometimes, as in this unsolicited, unrehearsed and unedited example, they do - and it's compelling. If you really want to know the "why" behind the "what", listen our recent podcast however, the next 35 seconds will tell you more than a thousand websites, podcast, pamphlets, campaigns or pitch decks.

Drew Walston
Because They Deserve Better

This message is shared with the expressed permission of the recorded party, a homeless veteran and prior US Army Combat Medic. Mighty Hero Homes have provided food, shelter, clothing and employment opportunities to this hero as he awaits the construction of the Mighty Hero Homes Base in his city.

The associated pictures are of where we initially met this veteran, in a tent city in the woods behind a chick-fil-a and across the street from a hospital, hidden in plain sight. Two campmates had recently died from overdoses just prior to our visit. These camps are replicated thousands of times across America.

Apparel & Gear

A contributing factor to our veteran homelessness crisis is that the average American just doesn't know it's a problem. We have to be the storyteller for those who currently don't have a voice. Mighty Hero Homes branded products and apparel gives us that opportunity to answer the question "What is Mighty Hero Homes?"​

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