Our Mission

The What

Mighty Hero Homes exists to eradicate veteran homelessness by providing affordable, permanent, personal homes to all homeless veterans in safe environments with a full array of on-Base amenities and wraparound services. Homeless to Home Ownership is the objective for each Base resident.


The Why

Because They Deserve Better. These four words drive all that we do. While not easy, the “what” part of our mission is simple. The “why” part is harder to delineate but to us, exponentially more important. When ordinary people exercise obsessive obedience in pursuit of their purpose, the unattainable becomes reality. Simply put, the Mighty Hero Homes family seeks to use the gifts and talents we’ve been provided to accomplish the mission of ending veteran homelessness in the United States.


The Win

It’s far more than a home. By providing affordable, permanent housing to homeless veterans, we seek to reinstill hope and dignity to those we serve, believing the communities where Mighty Hero Home Bases are installed will transform generations to come. Because They Deserve Better.

Our Vision

Mighty Hero Homes will eradicate veteran homelessness in the United States by creating permanent, personal, and affordable homes for homeless U.S. veterans. We will accomplish the objective by manufacturing proprietary Mighty Hero Homes on Mighty Hero Home Bases throughout the United States.

Our Passion

It is time to end the institution of veteran homelessness. Measurable generational change will occur in hundreds of American cities because of the infusion of healthy, hopeful, and productive American heroes in the communities where Mighty Hero Home Bases are installed. Veterans will become vital contributors in the societies that welcome, support, and embrace their residency.

Our Commitment

To create hope and purpose, Mighty Hero Home Bases will provide Base residents with employment opportunities, health care and wellness services, and other amenities such as a commissary, gardens, green space, indoor and outdoor congregation areas, etc. Support from the communities where the Bases are built is mission critical. As such, Mighty Hero Homes will recruit and empower local businesses, churches, and other civic organizations to sponsor each Base resident.

By involving area residents in this benevolent activity, relationships will be established, invitations extended, and successful assimilation ensured.


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