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Veterans for America First: The Vet Voice [VIDEO ABOVE]
Listen to Jared Craig and Derek Layne discuss eradicating veteran homelessness and in turn, restoring dignity, hope and purpose.

On September 09, 2022 Mighty Hero Homes had the privilege of partnering with the 99 Cent Only Store to give out 400 jam packed backpacks to homeless veterans in the Los Angeles area. While we remain laser focused on the macro (supplying housing for 37,000+ homeless veterans) we can’t miss opportunities to meet the urgent and present needs like those of our heroes currently living on the streets in the LA area. Every one of these veterans have a story. We need to be their voice right now. Every one of these veterans can be an asset to their families and their communities. We need to be their support right now. Helping each of them reach their full potential by providing affordable, permanent housing, with supportive services, remains our focus, resolve and commitment.



"Build a Case, Build the Base" The American Homeless Hero Story

Including an original song written and performed to bring awareness to this egregious crisis.


Everyone can help in some way.

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