Mighty Hero Homes

Raise $100M in 100 days as part of a Phase 1 Campaign to Permanently House up to 6,720 Homeless Veterans.

Ambassador Promotional Toolkit
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Thank you for joining the movement to end veteran homelessness, one community at a time.  Your decision to become an Ambassador will have a lasting impact on veterans facing homelessness, and entire generations of people and the communities in which they live for years to come. Your service is making a tremendous difference! We are honored to welcome you to the Mighty Hero Homes family!


Please use these promotional materials to help spread the word about Mighty Hero Homes and recruit additional supporters to our important mission.

The sample letter provides a starting point for you to tailor when recruiting Patriot Donors. Feel free to adjust the style to make it your own!

The Ambassador postcard can be emailed or printed for distribution at events, placed in mailboxes, at local restaurants, golf clubs, galas, doctors office waiting rooms, corporate lobbies, Veteran Service Organizations etc. You know your community best!

Use the preconfigured social media posts across your channels whenever it suits you! You will find images, text and hashtags to use; simply click the “post” or “download” button and follow the simple instructions.  Your active participation will inspire others to join the movement to end veteran homelessness.

The Mighty Hero Homes flyer provides a brief synopsis of the problem, solution, our mission and contact information.

This 30-second video describes the problem of veteran homelessness and the Mighty Hero Homes solution. You can access and share the video from this link on YouTube. Remember to subscribe to our channel and encourage others to do so, as well!

Additional promotional materials will be added regularly—check back often! Please email info@mightyherohomes.org with any questions and thank you again for your dedication and service! Because They Deserve Better.

To learn more about the “Operation Because They Deserve Better” campaign, read our Frequently Asked Questions. To review renderings of the Bases on which the veterans will live and the specially designed and engineered Mighty Hero Homes the veterans can ultimately own, please read Our Story, Our Promise. You can also learn more about the veteran homeless crisis by visiting other sections of our website.

Lastly, and most importantly, your gift for participation is immediately redeemable! Your gift will be in knowing that you played a crucial role in changing a veteran’s life and helping to positively transform a city, where Mighty Hero Home Bases are built, for generations to come.  Now that’s worth having, keeping, and protecting!


Thank you, Mighty Hero Homes Ambassador!