PIERCY ROBINSON, Director - Design & Development

Director - Design & Development

Piercy is a proven self-starter, demonstrated through her track record of success across multiple disciplines. Piercy grew up in San Diego and moved to Idaho to study biology at Boise State University. While attending Boise State, her path widened as she became interested in state and local level politics while acting as the videographer for a university syndicated political talk show, “Crossing the Aisle.” Meeting the diverse lineup of candidates and elected officials during this tenure piqued her interest and led her to add political science classes and internships to supplement her studies in biology. Within six months of dedicated involvement in Idaho politics, she was asked to manage her first campaign for a well-known state legislator. Soon after, she was elected to serve on the Board of Directors, as Treasurer, for the long-standing charity Lincoln Day Association. While serving on the board of the Lincoln Day Association, Piercy interned for the campaign of Idaho’s first female Lieutenant Governor and, after her election, was hired as one of two staff members representing the candidate’s office. She went on to serve a critical role in the capacity of Treasurer for the 2022 Idaho Governor’s race.

Through these experiences, a primary issue to stand out to Piercy was the structural insufficiency of housing density and affordability in the growing cities of Idaho. Consequently, she shifted focus to private sector work in design and construction management to develop the skill set required to create solutions. Being poignantly located in what is described as the national “epicenter” of modular construction, she focused her interests in improving the work of traditional stick-built construction through leading-edge building systems technologies. Piercy founded her own company in modular construction focusing on the demands for faster build times, higher quality product delivery, and greater affordability. Her ability to quickly synthesize information and devise clear solutions earned her the call into this important role to lead the requisite paradigm shift in creating quality, affordable, permanent housing for our homeless veterans. Piercy will lead a team of highly tenured and accomplished architects, engineers, and designers to commercialize the Mighty Hero Homes CorpSection® Building Systems. These systems will allow Mighty Hero Homes to produce high quality affordable housing in industry leading timeframes and cost structures.

When not leading the creation of cutting-edge building systems, Piercy makes time for her hobbies, including single-engine aviation, skiing, and traveling.

A Personal Message from Piercy:

I believe everyone has a unique contribution to this country and world, and I think our nation’s veterans deserve to be distinctly honored for their contribution and sacrifice.

I aim to use my God-given skills and abilities to honor our selfless defenders. The evidence has become clear– there is a need to serve in return. I am humbled to be a part of Mighty Hero Homes’ mission to ensure a long-term solution to homelessness for United States veterans and their families.


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