Treasurer of the Board

Since 1998, I've built and own a thriving multimillion-dollar business, showcasing my entrepreneurial spirit. I am a Licensed USA Customs Broker and excel in a world of international trade. Alongside of my professional responsibilities, I serve as the Treasurer at Midwestern Children’s home, combining my passion for helping others with my love for children’s well-being. I am a passionate advocate for the underdog, fighting for fairness and justice.

I express my individuality through the art of tattoos. Each tattoo on my body tells a unique story, representing my values, faith, freedom, experiences, and the journey I’ve embarked upon.

When I’m not immersed in work, I find joy in my hobbies, including working on or driving my classic cars and indulging my creative side by building Lego structures. With my wife and our four awesome children by my side, I strive to create a better future for them and inspire others along the way. I’m a devoted patriot, always standing up for what I believe in. Let’s join forces and make a difference together because they deserve better!


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