Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Expert

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Expert

Dean Lewis is a builder, a craftsman and a leader. He grew up in central WI, where he learned the value of hard work and creativity from his father, who built their home from scratch. Dean was always curious and adventurous, taking things apart then putting them back together, and making his own projects with whatever materials he could find. He loved nature and the outdoors, and never backed down from a challenge. 

After graduating from high school, Dean left home determined to make his own way in the world. He worked in various jobs that required practical skills and hands-on experience, such as plant engineering, electrical work, and cabinet making. He discovered his true passion for building homes when he partnered with a friend and started a remodeling business. He built his own home at the age of 30, designed on a piece of cardboard with the first floor on one side and the second on the other.

Dean's career took off when he got the opportunity to build a large log home. This led to more log home projects, and the creation of Lewis Log and Timberframes. He later added Lewis Log Restoration to his portfolio, as he became interested in preserving and restoring old log structures. He joined the Central WI Homebuilders Assoc., where he served in various leadership roles, including Secretary, VP, President and National Director to NAHB. He also chaired the Education committee for WI. Builders Assoc., where he advocated for the building trades as a viable career option for young people saying, "College is not for everyone". 

Dean was fascinated by timber frame homes and SIPs (structural insulated panels) construction. He learned how to build them with precision and efficiency, and how to create unique and beautiful homes. He became an expert in these techniques, and shares his knowledge and experience with others in the industry. 

He presently is the owner of Everything SIPs where he helps people understand the benefits and practical utilization of SIPsfor their projects. Walking them through the buying process, then providing onsite services from consulting to installation training sessions.

Dean Lewis is more than just a builder. He is a visionary, an innovator and a mentor. He has built numerous homes that reflect his personality and values, and inspired many people to follow their passions and to challenge themselves. He has made a lasting impact on the building industry always keeping in mind, a quote from Abraham Lincoln.

"There is no more honorable occupation than building one's home."


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