US Army Veteran

Mighty Hero Home Foundation Advisor


Keith joins the Mighty Hero Home Foundation Advisory Board as an Advisor for Program Development and Implementation. Keith is the founding Bishop of World Truth Ministries Warriors for Christ.

Keith grew up in Miami Florida and was taught leadership by his father at the very early age of 13. Keith’s father was a produce contractor and traveled the country to various jobs with his crew and machinery where they processed, packaged and shipped produce across the country. Even at such an early age, in times where his father needed to travel ahead of the crew to situate the next job assignment, Keith was assigned the duty to manage the crew and jobsite.

Keith’s military career began immediately out of high school during the Vietnam conflict. Keith completed boot camp at Ft. Jackson as well as three AIT’s (Advanced Individual Training) while stationed at Stuttgart, Germany, achieving secret clearance status and various promotions along the way.

Keith’s career in social services covers a 31-year span exhibiting his genuine concern for helping and advocating for the less fortunate and those who are seemingly without a voice. This passion still provides the motivation today to bless and assist those who struggle, regardless of the reason, their location or their circumstance.

This calling started with the Metro Miami Dade Police Department where Keith was brought onboard for the first pilot program, Neighborhood Resource Unit, under the national director and District Attorney Ms. Janet Reno. Keith worked in the capacity of community relations and as a teen life skills counselor. From this start in 1992 Keith has spent the last made 32 years serving court adjudicated teens, the HIV AIDS population, and those battling mental health and substance abuse afflictions. Through this work, Keith has worked extensively with the homeless population in several locations, managing at one time the day-to-day operations of a 700+ bed facility.

A Personal Message from Keith:
My genuine concern and passion is to help to conclusion anyone who struggles with housing instability, especially within our Veteran population. Through World Truth Ministries Warriors for Christ and now Mighty Hero Homes, my aspiration is to simply help those in need. What drives me is my belief that God’s love is perfect, to which there is no debate, and I am so happy to come alongside Mighty Hero Homes to house our homeless Veterans…Because They Deserve Better.


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