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Mighty Hero Homes is honored to participate in the NASCAR DAY GIVEATHON in celebration of their 75th Year Anniversary!

This is an important initiative in our fight to eradicate veteran homelessness in the U.S. It is particularly meaningful because the first Mighty Hero Home base will be installed in Henry County, Georgia—the home of the Atlanta Motor Speedway!

Listen to Ben Owens, CEO of Flanders Fields
explain why he is partnering with Mighty Hero Homes.


For 75 hours, beginning at 5:00PM EST on May 16 and ending at 8:00PM on May 19, NASCAR will promote qualified organizations to NASCAR fans all over the world to raise funds for organizations doing good in the communities where they race.

  A new solution for veteran homelessness - Mighty Hero Homes

Did you know the fastest growing segment of
homeless veteran is women with children?
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The NASCAR community and the U.S. military have long had a close-knot relationship and it continues to this day.

Many racers who competed in NASCAR’s first season in 1948 had also served their country in World War II. The bond between the sport and the service is as strong today as it was in the sport’s infancy.

We invite NASCAR fans from across this great nation, who love our veterans and want to see each of them housed as quickly as possible, to support Mighty Hero Homes in this campaign!

Won’t you join us and give today? Because They Deserve Better. 


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