amy pankey, Director of Philanthropy & Community Engagement

Director of Philanthropy & Community Engagement

Amy Gray Pankey serves as the Mighty Hero Homes Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement. Amy leads the efforts of the Mighty Hero Home Foundation, Inc. in securing philanthropic partnerships that will provide support to veterans as they move into their Mighty Hero Home.

Amy has spent over 15 years in the field of philanthropy including more than a decade at Florida State University where she secured more than $10M in private support. Some of her other notable accomplishments include developing and implementing a comprehensive development plan for Camp Fire's 54 nationwide Councils and long-term strategic planning with Bridgeways Alabama and Historic Camp Fletcher.

When Amy is not engaging community partners and individuals in the mission of Mighty Hero Homes, she enjoys travel, skiing and caring for her mini Goldendoodle, Roosevelt.

A Personal Message from Amy:
In my opinion, there is no greater mission than the one of Mighty Hero Homes - to eradicate veteran homelessness in the United State. I am humbled that I was called upon to use the skills given to me by God to serve this amazing organization. I hope that you, too, will feel the call and reach out to me to discuss how you can join us on this amazing journey to honor those who have given so much to this country. Because they deserve better.


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